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Get to know our security measures for your workspaces

We are aware of your concern to deliver a service where the necessary measures are taken to ensure the health of your customers. That is why we strive to implement health protection and hygiene strategies for your spaces in order to guide you to take responsible actions that reproduce healthy spaces.

The new spaces must guarantee your customers that within the workplace they will be able to work from a minimum distance of 2 meters between each worker, reduce density and capacity in their facilities by creating work shifts. In addition, ecological awareness and digital transformation, ergonomic furniture, safety screens, antibacterial materials, flexible and multipurpose spaces are promoted. Hygiene protocols, signage to ensure safe circulation and new technologies such as cameras with body temperature control or sensors to avoid touching shared use areas such as elevators or bathrooms will be implemented.



Spaces and companies
The ability to reinvent the environments of your space, from design, furniture and decoration, to new needs, is paramount. That is why to improve the environment we share this information with you:

    • First: The areas where workstations are concentrated are the ones that are undergoing the greatest changes in use.
    • Second: In addition to combining face-to-face work with telecommuting, the density of people will be reduced and the furniture will be used to make it more flexible and maximize safety.
    • Third: The socialization areas: reception, cafeteria, etc. will witness a cultural change. In the face of saturation we will find separation elements, fixed and mobile, made of resistant and washable materials.
    • Fourth: In distance learning areas, flexibility and modularity will be key together with e-learning. Similarly, collaboration areas, which are key in modern companies, will alternate areas with high tables for quick meetings, meeting rooms with static tables and spaces with flexible furniture. These areas will change, above all, the way they are used and interacted with, based on good practices and time of use, without forgetting telematic meetings.
    • Fifth: Personal or team privacy spaces will be affected in their use and user interaction with a trend towards operational semi-privacy.


Sanitary conditions.

The new normality has brought new sanitary measures for workspaces. At WORKINGREAT we want to protect your health by taking the corresponding measures. The new spaces must guarantee their users to keep workplaces with a minimum distance of 2 meters, reduce the density and capacity in their facilities by creating work shifts. In addition, antibacterial materials such as gel and sanitizing mats are available, as well as flexible and multipurpose spaces. Hygiene protocols are also developed for workers and their workstations, signage to ensure safe circulation and new technologies such as body temperature control and acrylics in each workspace.

The ability to reinvent itself is what defines coworkings: these environments, from design, furniture and decoration to new needs is paramount. Below, we share with you some steps to take when returning to coworking spaces:

  • Reduce the density of people and will use furniture to flex and maximize safety.
  • Now, the socialization areas such as: Reception, and cafeteria will have a change. In front of the saturation we will find elements of separation, conditioning of people within them at different times and of course, all with due distance.