¿Did you know that publishing your spaces is now quick and easy?

¡Don't think twice, now renting an office is very easy with Workingreat!

With only 3 steps you can register your space.


  1. Create your account

    You can enter with your email or your cell phone number through this link:

  2. Set up your space

    By registering and configuring your profile, you are prepared for the configuration of your office, workshop, photography studio or any type of space where you can carry out a work or related activity.

  3. ¡Post your space!

    You are ready for other people to benefit from your workspace, and you to enjoy the economic benefits.


  1. Find your space.

    If you are looking for an office to close your sale or a kitchen to finish your orders with clients, you only need to click your choice on the web browser.

  2. Select date and time.

    It is as simple as entering your city and the type of space you need so that the web browser does its magic to help you find the place to work that you want so much.

  3. ¡Reserve your space!

    ¡Ready! You already have your date and place of reservation so that you can be prepared, and the host will receive you with great pleasure in your new work space.