Our hosts community’s advantages include listing your workspaces (offices, coworkings, meeting rooms, etc.) for those interested in getting one that suits their needs.

Become a host in 5 easy steps:

  1. Create your account in Workingreat.
  2. Submit your official and tax ID.
  3. Share your space on the platform free of charge.
  4. Discover what kind of host you want to be: manage the hours and prices. We will help you with this process, any time.
  5. Now welcome your first guest! When you finish posting your space, it is suitable for use and anyone can contact you to request it.
Count on us:
With Workingreat you will have an entrepreneurial opportunity by registering any of your spaces for lease . You can upload spaces for different professions: workshops, offices, kitchens, warehouses, meeting rooms, coworkings, classrooms for students and many more. Workingreat is a nationwide service: if you have work spaces all across the nation, you can register them all. The platform has integrated agendas that will notify you of the days and hours that your space will be used. You can communicate with your guest in a Workingreat chat to keep track of the conversation at all times. Your data is encrypted for secure transfers. You have full control of your availability and prices.